History & Culture

Company History

Sandland Garments is a manufacturer and exporting company which is located in Xiamen China. We are specialized in high end quality Polo shirt and T shirt for all kinds of Business/Casual wear and Sports wear.

We have more than 14 years experience in the textile industry. With advanced machines, processing facilities, professional workers and experienced quality inspectors, we have implemented comprehensive management and quality control systems and provided better customer services.

Company Culture

Integrated Management System Policy

Ensuring the complete satisfaction of our customers by producing all our products within the delivery time requested and in the most economical manner with participation and efforts of our employees who are in the spirit of continuous improvement, and be the indispensible preference of our customers.

Criteria Determined

- Correct first-time production
- On-time delivery
- Short delivery terms
- To make quick decisions and reach conclusions to cobtinually improve, to provide customers’ expectations without compromising the defined criteria.

Integrate the products that have acceptable quality standards in the international markets with the pricing policy to ensure production. To increase our competitiveness by closely monitoring developments in manufacturing technology and fashion trends in sectoral basis.

Lead The Way In Our Goals

- To be a reliable, stable and self-renewing corporate identity while fully meeting the expectations of our customers
- To provide a healthy working environment for our employees and prevent possibIe accidents
- Being aware to our responsibilities towards the environment, to control waste, to reduce the use of natural resources and prevent pollution

Ensuring the participation of all employees with training and strong internal communications in order to consistently meet the requirements of Quality.

Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems and to develop the activities of these systems within the business.

In cooperation and in harmony with our suppliers and regional organizations, to implement the business and environmental legislations that are in force.

The integrated management system is our policy.